Floral Notes is our first collection of original paintings, featuring vibrant blossoms reflecting various moods. The collection is full of rich hues, painterly strokes, and visible texture. The name “Floral Notes” is a nod to the “notes” of perfumes. Like fragrance notes, each painting gives off its own vibes, evoking certain emotions and memories. We hope you find the Floral Note that resonates with you! 

BackgroundLast fall, I made it a goal to delve back into acrylic painting on canvas, which I have not really done for 15+ years. I put my beloved watercolors on the back burner to focus on re-learning acrylics. My artist friend, Fanny Bilodeau, once told me that as artists we need to keep painting until it becomes second nature and our hands know what to do. After months of practicing, learning which brushes I prefer, and experimenting with color combinations, the Floral Notes collection was born.