We are Jeff and Mary “Gee” Pescador, a husband and wife team that make up MeekNest Hawaii. We met on Kauai (at Kintaros Restaurant) but currently live on the westside of Oahu with our two dogs, ZoeWee and KloWee. We love creating art that brings “tropical joy” to your heart and home. Our designs are inspired by the vibrant beauty of our islands and surrounding ocean. We hope that our artwork inspires others to celebrate nature and spread the aloha spirit, which includes expressions of kindness, gratefulness, and of course… meekness.

GEE: “Although I moved frequently as a child, art has always been a constant in my life. I am blessed with parents who encouraged me to be resourceful, resulting in my passion for making things. When I’m not introverting and creating in the art room, I work full time as a speech language pathologist with amazing students.”


JEFF: “Growing up on the garden island of Kauai, mountains and the ocean were everyday sights, so naturally green and blue are my favorite colors. During time spent outdoors, I am drawn to light and reflections. This inspires me to create art with my hands and my camera.”